Adventure Eve

So tomorrow is the Big Off and we’ve done (nearly all) the packing, cleared the house, had the leaving party (whoop!) and said nearly all the goodbyes 😢. We’ve got all the feels at the moment with everything constantly changing and feeling a bit in limbo – we’ve been veering from ridiculous excitement to waking up in cold sweats in the dark of night, and back again. We were chatting about what we were going through and are both going through it at different rates and times but thought it might be entertaining to share in another post soon: Our (scientifically untested) 8 stages of Cycle Touring Prep! Bet you can’t wait 😉.

We’ve got a parent tackling tomorrow’s Bristol morning rush hour in the hire van to take us and the bikes to the airport (thanks dad!), then it’s GO GO GO to Orlando (17° tomorrow and early 20’s by the end of the week)! We’ve got our first few nights sorted thanks to and some friendly Americans who are going to feed us and give us a bed, thank goodness.

Our last day has been full on (LOTS of lists…) but in a sec it’s the final load of stuff in the loft and settling down for a takeaway and a bottle of wine. See you on the other side y’all!


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