“Why the fork didn’t we do this sooner?”

This was my comment at approx 50kms in today 😊. In stark contrast to the “WTF are we doing?” of a couple of days before we left! Gah, sorry to sound a bit smug but well, we are feeling slightly smug and it’s all because of the FABULOUS people we’ve met so far – and we’ve only done two days of cycling…

We were met at Orlando airport by a very handsome man in a green hat, Arthur. After lots of waiting around and faff with the bikes he took us back to his house and family where for the next two days we were thoroughly looked after: lifts, food, bed, great company, touring and route tips and everything we needed/didn’t realise we needed. Mini Arthur will be running the world with his violins and robots soon, mark our words!

Day One starts with us rolling out of town headed North West for Eustis, we made good progress (via a fire engine/station tour) and rolled up to Ken and Lisa’s Lake side house in time for dinner, perfect 😉. Loads more stories, advice, food and sleep later, we get towed along by Ken and Lisa with our new tattoo sleeves.

We obviously didn’t behave too badly because Ken and Lisa passed us on to some friends when they realised that our planned route and stopover wasn’t ideal for day two – and so we’ve joined Nancy and Paul for pizza and a bed v last minute, phew!

Anyway, the day’s been great for riding, we had a lovely part where we had two calves running along with us in their field for about 1/4 mile, so cute!! A riverside spot for lunch and then this afternoon we stumbled across the most incredible shop/cafe/restaurant/ranch for an unnecessary but welcome coffee/chat stop! In short, so far so good on the matching bikes! 😍


4 thoughts on ““Why the fork didn’t we do this sooner?”

  1. If on your travels you get the chance to visit with he Amish or stop at their shop then I recommend doing so. All the food in the shop is home cooked by them and they sell all sorts of hand carved wooden and stone items. Ideal to buy and post back home. Despite their reputation of being isolationist, which they can be, all the ones I met were very friendly and welcoming. You may also come across on your route through the countryside called the Mennonites. They were described to me as “Amish Light”.

    Glad your having a great time. In all my dozen or so visits to the USA I never had any bad encounters with the people I met. Keep the blogs coming.

    Geoff X


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