Sun cream and bum cream

DeFuniak Springs – Pensacola – Dauphin Island – Bayou La Batre – Bay St Louis – New Orleans – Gonzales – Baton Rouge – Simmesport – Oakdale – De Ridder

Another rainy day another blog post, yay! We’ve been holed up in warm showers host Mandie’s house for the day whilst the Louisiana weather creates a lake in the back garden and roads turn into rivers outside. It’s a welcome rest day after a few long days on the bikes! So far, normal service has been sunshine and kind winds, so fairly long days are possible, hence the regular application of sun cream and bum cream.

The last couple of weeks has taken us through the last of Florida then Alabama, Mississippi and into Louisiana. There have been subtle changes in accent as we find creole and Cajun country, and the landscape is starting to vary a little more, though still dominated by swamps.   We’ve met loads of new people and are still being amazed by generosity and kindness. We spent 24 hours in Alabama and had a boat trip around Dauphin Island (thanks George!), were given breakfast by a very happy drunk, bought chilli dogs by a stranger in a cafe, and offered a bed for the night after chatting to a couple over a second lunch of gumbo 😉. This was in Bayou La Batre (famous thanks to shrimps and Forrest Gump) where the lovely Joey and Linda got chatting to us about our trip. On finding out where we were planning on staying the night – apparently at a campground populated by crack-addicts – they promptly offered up their back garden as an alternative. On arrival we were upgraded to their spare room/en suite!

Lovely people and lively conversation have both been themes of the trip so far. We had a great chat with Joey over breakfast (food’s another theme btw) putting the world to rights and this has continued with pretty much eveyone we’ve got into longer conversations with. Everyone wants to talk politics, we’ve decided that actually it’s almost like a soap opera in the US. Maybe with a bit more of an impact though. We’ve heard loads of differing and valid views and Edwards is enjoying many a debate – we’re learning a lot!

We had a night in Gonzales (just outside of New Orleans) when we weren’t quite sure where we were sleeping and if we’d be stealth camping again, once again though the kindness, time and generosity of people came to the rescue.  We’d rocked up to our warm showers’ house at dusk and no one was home with darkness falling. We got chatting to a LOVELY lady at the local garage who obviously took pity on two smelly, tired (another 130km day) and slightly anxious cyclists with her phone, some coffee and a chicken dinner, so kind!

And so now we’re at Mandie’s in DeRidder. We had a mini cyclists party last night as there are four of us staying here; Tim who’s nearing the end of a 3 year round the world trip, and Dane who we also shared a seafood restaurant floor with a couple of nights ago 😊, but that’s another story!

Tomorrow, on to Silsbee where we’ve lined up a stay next to a Crossfit box, and into Texas, yay! Our States count slows rapidly as of tomorrow, we’re expecting to be in Texas for the next month as we cover 1000 miles in one state, through spaces really empty of population.  No Country For Old Men, here we come.


3 thoughts on “Sun cream and bum cream

  1. Heidi Maldonado

    I’m so glad I got to meet you two at Buescher State Park, and I look forward to following you along your journey here. I hope everyone treats you well and wish you a safe journey.


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