The Majestic/Epic/Grand Canyon detour

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world was ‘just a bit’ north of where the Southern Tier route* takes you – 200+ miles – but it’s the kind of thing that we HAD to see whilst in the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. And so we did what any self-respecting cycle tourists would do. That’s right, we hired a massive pick up to drive the bikes, and us, there.

Having learnt from our Big Bend Experience  we booked one night of camping at the Grand Canyon (we hadn’t learnt to book earlier so we could get more…) and also split the journey by spending a chilly night in the lovely Flagstaff first. An early-ish start got us to the South Rim of the big hole late morning and, well, it was kind of beautiful. We didn’t really know what to expect and knew that any pictures we’d seen probably didn’t do it justice because, how do you capture the SIZE in one photo?! We definitely haven’t either but we gave it a good go and so here are the pics…

*We’re falling into the habit of pronouncing ‘route’ to rhyme with ‘doubt’ and are saying things like ‘gas/gas station’ and ‘cell phone’, so annoying…


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