Trans-Canada: The intro.

I left you here with a (semi-) cliffhanger of a post – ‘would she, wouldn’t she?’. She did. Yep, I got back on my bike, and so it begins again… ☺️.

This time the plan is CANADA. From Vancouver in the West to Halifax in the East – across 8 provinces in 95 days. If this sounds like I know what I’m talking about, I don’t. I’m learning this all on the way having done my classic of “hmmmmm, that looks fun, I’ll do that.” and THEN figuring out what it involves and how. This time I was prepared to fly solo (literally) with no Edwards to help with planning, bike, stuff, last-minute panic, and hand-holding. If I hadn’t done it all last year (didn’t read the first post? Read that here – you’re welcome 😉) I’m not sure I’d have had the guts to go for it, but here I am sat in a house in Kamloops having already ridden from Vancouver the long hilly way (of course), stuffed with tea and toast.

I booked my flight because it was on my to-do list for that day. Seriously. It was midnight and I was poised over the ‘buy’ button when Ali (my fabulous-best-ever-Nora-Batty-without-the-stockings-landlady) came and made me not back out. And then we had tea to celebrate.

The world works in mysterious ways. I threw myself out there with all my doubts, uncertainties and scaredy-cat-ness and went for it anyway hoping that everything would align and come good, and it did… I woke up the next morning to a message from a friend – we met somewhere in the middle of Texas when cycling across the states – Abby: “Are you still biking Canada? Maybe I can join you for the first few weeks?” – YAY!

ANYWAY… A few weeks later and it’s happened. Yes there’s been a bit of planning but as always it’s pretty minimal with me because life got in the way. I’ve been busy setting up my design studio (hello: to raise some monies but to also launch myself as a fully-fledged and trusted digital nomad. I also moved twice, got Wanda back, caught up with friends, regained my heavy-weight-wine-drinking abilities, celebrated some birthdays, tried to remember what life’s like as a singleton (good and bad!) and waved Wanda temporarily goodbye again (ouch), oh and the family too 😉. And on the 31st May plonked myself into an ‘plane seat next to a yoga trapeeze artist/musician (hi Patricia!).

A good start I think you’ll agree?



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